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Ramayana Tour in Sri Lanka

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Nuwareliya - Seetha amman Temple Ramayana Tours in Sri Lanka. The ultimate spiritual travel experience in Asia… We offer you  an  opportunity to follow the Ramayana trails and visit the most important Ramayana sights in Sri Lanka.   These tours  are exclusively for religious and spiritual Hindus but also offers an in-depth knowledge of  Ramayana heritage in Sri Lanka, for the non-Hindus  People living in the areas where these events took place, still remember the connection of their village  to the great history of Ramayana. Village court at the area where Seetha devi undertook “Agni  Pariksha” is still considered valid if oaths taken at that place. The soil of the battlefields of Ramayana is  still remains in red colour surrounded by lighter coloured soil. Exotic Himalayan herbs are found  suddenly among the tropical Sri Lankan forests & mountains.   Incredibly, the names of these places have come down unchanged from centuries to the present,  though mass social, cultural and religious changes have taken place in Sri Lanka since.  Join us in our exploration of the Ramayana trails in Sri Lanka. See the footprints of Lord Hanuman and  lots of legendary places…  We have a wide selection of Ramayana tours in Sri Lanka which you can choose from. While we offer  pre planned tour packages, we take pride in designing tour packages according to your needs and  requirements. Visit “Plan your tour” page, and just tell us precisely what you'd like to do, see, and  where you'd like to go. We will custom design a tour just for you!  Kalubowilla - Sri Panjamuga Anjaneyar Temple n most South Indian Hindu temples around the world, Kumbabishekam, or the consecration ceremony  of the temple, performed once every 12 years. It is usually done to purify the temple after a renovation  or simply done to renew the purity of the temple. Hindus flock to witness this event on the consecration  date as it is believed that witnessing it gives a good soul 1000 "punya", or good karma.    Swami Chandrasekaran was born in the year 1948 in Nawalapitiyia town of Nuwara- eliya district. His  parents were of Indian origin (Kerala). At the early age of 11 it was observed that Swami ji used to often  go into trance while chanting Hanuman chalisa and used to start vibrating & jumping vehemently  thereafter.    After completing his school education, Swami ji worked for several years in Jaffna, Kandy & Colombo.  While serving as a personal secretary to the proprietor of a Swedish company in Kadawatha namely  Swede Lanka Engineering P Ltd, Swamiji used to visit a temple in Dehiwala in the evenings and helped  devotees in eradicating their problems such as health, personal or any other social problems.    At a later stage Swami ji rented a small house in Allen Avenue in Dehiwala and started preaching in the  holy name of Sri Anjaneyar and arranged Anyadanam on every Sunday. As Swamiji’s preaching spread  across the country, almost 2000 devotees started following him and finally it was decided in 1996 that  the first Pancha Mukha Anjaneyar temple will be constructed in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.  Ramboda - Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple According to the legend, this is where Hanuman searched for Sita in the jungles above and behind the  temple. There is supposed to be a stretch of barren land known as the ‘Chariot Path' on which Ravana  took Sita to Ashoka Vatika to showcase the beauty of his kingdom to her. There is also said to be a  pond - the ‘Sita Tear Pond' - here, which was formed from Sita's tears. The temple itself is one of the  more enterprising establishments devoted to this legend, and contains a granite statue of Lord  Hanuman that is said to be over 40 feet tall.It is believed that Lord Hanuman was searching for Sitadevi  from these hills of Ramboda. The Ramboda area is believed to be an area where Rama's forces were  gathered against Ravana. Ram Padai means Rama's Force. The hills of Ramboda is also believed  where Hanuman was searching for Sitadevi.  On every full moon day special poojas are conducted and witnessed by thousands of devotees.  Senthooram” is being appiled to Sri Baktha Hanuman. “Senthooram” symbolises victory. “Senthooram”  is only offered at Hanuman temples